I can't find the application after I installed the .pkg file

I use MacOS and I successfully downloaded the .pkg file, but I am having issues finding the application. It took me through the steps and terms, and after I agreed it said “Installation Complete”. Despite this, I can not find out how to open SynthV once I have apparently installed it. I don’t know whether it didn’t actually install, I’m being dumb, or it isn’t compatible with my computer. I have looked in finder and everything but I still cannot find the program anywhere. I even re-installed it twice, but the same thing happened. Please help!

Oh and by the way, the website says you should have an intel core processor or an equivalent. I use a MacBook Pro (no touchbar) and I am not sure if my processor is an equivalent. This may be the problem.

Is it in Go. Applications in finder?

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Oh my gosh I’m so stupid!! :joy: When I checked there first, I was too lazy to scroll through it all, so I just used spotlight search, which didn’t show it. When I finally took the time to look in applications, It was there! I feel so dumb… Well, thanks for suggesting that because if you hadn’t, I probably wouldn’t have checked one last time :sweat_smile: