Import only tempo map from midi file? - "Solved" with workaround

I have a tune I’m working on where the multitrack instruments are in the daw and synth V and the words are linked to sync with the daw. It has an undulating tempo map that was first extracted in the daw from a free form acoustic guitar track. I used a midi keyboard to play the vocal melody in midi for subsequent import into Synth V. So far so good importing the vocal midi melody also imported that undulating tempo map. - Thank you Kanru! Everything syncs and plays back as expected.

Parts of the instrumental didn’t groove as well as others so I cut and pasted the daw multitracks including the tempos from the groovy parts over the not so groovy parts. This changes the tempo map in the daw.

Now as Synth V and the DAW play back together, where the tempo maps differ, the vocals are a bit out of sync, sometimes early, sometimes late. At first I didn’t understand why, but I slept on it and then realized what I had done.

I fear that if I export the midi melody again and reimport it into Synth V to update the tempo map, it will ruin all my vocal tweaking and maybe even reset it all to “La”.

I’m not where I can verify this but Kanru knows, so Mr. Hua, if I’m right, and the vocals will be clobbered, can we please have a way to import just the midi tempo map only? To freshen it?



I’d also like to see a tempo map feature at some point as opposed to assigning tempo changes to the start of bars :slight_smile:

It has been a CF around here, but I had a chance to sit down to try a work around for the problem aforementioned where the tempo map in the daw no longer matched the tempo map in Synth V.

It is fairly simple to do, and it works but with two gotchas.

  1. In the DAW, export new midi melody file with the updated tempo map for import into Synth V.

  2. In Synth V, Load the file in question and, Edit Select all notes

  3. Copy selected notes to the clipboard CTRL-C

  4. File import. Yes to loose unsaved changes

  5. New “La” notes import, along with the new tempo map.

  6. Select all notes

  7. Press the Del Key to get rid of all the “La” notes. This will leave the new tempo map behind. :slight_smile:

  8. Paste the good vocal notes and lyrics back in that you copied to the clipboard in step 3.

  9. Move the pasted notes to where they should be.

This fixes the sync problem. Both the daw tempo map and Synth V’s tempo map now jive and play back in sync again.

Now for the Gotchas

  1. Selecting all notes and copying them to the clipboard only copied the current Synth V track. I had some harmony tracks and lost them doing this but getting the sync back was a win.

  2. When you select all the “La” notes and delete them, Synth V defaults to showing me only 8 measures and no more. The lyrics are to start at measure 11. So I pasted them at measure 7 and then Synth V would show all the measures so I moved all the notes over to start at measure 11.

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