Import to Synthesizer V MUTA files & NiaoNiao Files

I was wondering if in the future you could import .nn files (NiaoNiao) and MUTA files into Synthesizer V (I don’t remember what are the extension of MUTA files). I just wondering

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I would actually love to have a program that can EXPORT .nn files. I like using NIAONiao, but the import ust/vsqx function does not work for me at all and while I can import midi files, that of course doesn’t carry over the lyric input. The lyric input tool also doesn’t work well for me in NN, for some reason when I highlight a section and use the lyric input box, when I’m done entering it the lyrics end up in a totally different area of the midi. It’s quite tedious to input them all one by one. I know this isn’t really a SynthV problem and it’s wishful thinking to think that the synthv team would ever recognize NN, but I’d be so happy if it could export .nn files.