Installing Shian causes Chiyu installation to disappear on macOS/macOS上安装诗岸后已安装的赤羽会消失

I’m using Synthesizer V Build 017, Chiyu Build 010 and Shian Build 008. I previously installed Chiyu on my macOS computer, and just installed Shian but haven’t activated its license. However, it seems that my Chiyu installation completely went away, without me deactivating its license or removing it (which I don’t even know how). It also appears that it’s no longer in the voice database installation directory any more. What can I do in this case? Thank you!

我用的是Synthesizer V Build 017, 五维介质·赤羽 Build 010 and 五维介质·诗岸 Build 008。我之前在我的macOS系统上装了赤羽的声库,然后刚刚安装了诗岸的声库,但是还没来得及激活。然后我发现赤羽的声库就直接消失了,而且我也没有取消激活或者尝试卸载(说实话我都不知道怎么在macOS上卸载)。然后我看了声库的安装路径下也不再存在赤羽的文件了。请问这种情况下应该怎么办?谢谢!

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I was informed of this bug last week and issued an updated installation package. It might take some time for Quadimension to replace the download links.

Thank you for the information. For everyone else’s reference, I reached out to the Quadimension’s Taobao support, and they sent me updated installation files, which solved the problem.


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