Installing SynthV on Linux?

I downloaded the files for SynthV (free trial) on Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa. How exactly do I install it? There doesn’t seem to be a Make File.

Put downloaded files where you want to (I did in my home directory) then do the steps that were shown inside the last comment in this post

Hope it helps ^^

Can you please change your title from FIXED to SOLVED? The problem is still there, unfixed. You only indicated the solution to the problem. I have to add, though, thanks for the work around. It would really help those who are really desperate for Synthesizer-V to be working right now on Linux.

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Oh Linux. These are normal nice regular people trying to do simple things. sigh.

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I’m really sorry, I will. ^^ (I have seen stuff like this in forums with “Solved”) But I rarely ever use it (as I SAID I’m new to Linux)

Thanks for your support. I could do what was suggested, but it shouldn’t be really my responsibility to do it. I don’t have Windows but a Mac. Synthesizer-V’s Mac OS version is not available (yet). So using Linux (Ubuntu as suggested) on VirtualBox is the only option. Using VirtualBox and installing a new Linux on it alone is taking time, so this kind of error wasn’t expected.