Instrumental 1 vs Instrumental 2?

I’ve been working at a song for a while (Title: Catch Me Only If You Can). It’s still incomplete, but I have two versions of what I’ve completed so far.

If you can offer your opinions on which instrumental (and voice tuning) you like better, it’ll be much appreciated! :smile:

Also, if you have any suggestions on how to improve the instrumentals (they’re kind of repetitive), that would be greatly appreciated as well!~

Personally, the V1 instrumental sounds rather 2-dimensional, and nowhere as realistic as the V2. In terms of vocals, The V1 vocals sound more natural and in a realistic range, while the V2 vocals are higher and sound more artificial. That said, it all depends on what you are going for in terms of sound. I personally think that pairing the V2 vocals with the V1 instrumental and vice versa would make two very different songs. If you want a electronic sounding song, i’d recommend V2 vocals and V1 soundtrack, and for a more realistic song, i’d go with the V1 vocals and V2 audio.
I’d also recommend playing around with the default settings in the voice database to find your signature sound!


Thank you for the feedback! I lean towards more realistic sounding songs, so I’ll definitely try out V2 instrumental with V1 vocals!

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The first one sounds more like an acapella than an actual instrumental.

That being said, I have high doubts if any of them will actually work unless you transpose one or the other.

Even then the V2 instrumental needs a ton of rework, especially in sound design, specifically the drums (and guitars if you plan on using them). I’m not sure about guitars but if you’re able to check out GetGoodDrums you will be able to get some realistic drum sounds at a reasonable price. I highly suggest the Periphery IV kit.

Thank you for the feedback! I’ll be sure to look at GetGoodDrums in the future and likely remake this song in the future. Here’s the finished product (I went with V2 instrumental and V1 vocals with a small bit a variation added to V2 instrumental): 【Eleanor Forte】Catch Me Only If You Can【SynthV Original】