Is it fine to use SynthV characters for Doujin? / SynthVのキャラクターで同人可能ですか?

Is it fine to create for example button badges, acrylic keychains or stickers of official SynthV voicebank avatars then sell them?


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Dreamtonics is only responsible for the synthesis engine and editor. Currently all DBs (except for the internal ones) are owned by / licensed to Animen. The exact terms are written in their EULA (of which an English version is WIP).
FYI Is Genbus License Agreement supposed to be in Chinese?



@YukitoYuki I think the answer is yes.
There is not a very specified guidelines to do this, but the target is fit them into exist vocaloid creative culture.

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Thank you for the reply.
I have no intent to make profit nor mass produce at all.

I’m currently making button badges of Vocaloid and UTAU characters and hopefully can expand to other goods and characters from different series in future.

I just wanted to check–has the English version of the TOS for the Synth V editor and voice banks been completed? I’ve gotten what I think is probably a good overview of the topic from a few threads here (Thanks very much for that! I’ll go ahead and link to those.), but it would be comforting to have the actual documents if they’re available.

I also looked around on the Anicute website, but I’m not seeing them.