Is it possible to install & run SynthV on Win XP? Thanks!

Sorry if my question is stupid :slight_smile:

Less OS support means less bugs and less complaint from consumer… If I were the developer, I would also drop XP. It’s too old, isn’t it? :laughing:

First. No question is stupid.

Secondly, it’s a 32 bit program so I’ll just bet it will.
It’s free to download and try so give it a go.


We were not guarantee because we were not test it under XP,
But we got a tweet about someone run SynthV on Windows 2000.
So you can try it.

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Someone in this world is still on 2000!?

Woah, fight the powers that be!
Well in that case Synth V will run like a raped ape om XP. :slight_smile:

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Is it really on win2k, not a classic theme on win7?
I tried on win2k, XP, and win2k3 with 32/64bit, but failed on all of them.
I’m very interesting in how that succeeded… :thinking:

So that is a broken dream, sorry for this.

Are you certain the download is good? That looks like a corrupt installer file.

I used the same installer file and it worked well on Win7 and above. Maybe some essential libs are missing on the old OS… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ok, well, onward and upward then!


so he run SynthV on some fork extend Kernel.

after search about extend kernel, i found some information
that is some wrapper and kernel mod, make something run on XP can run on 2K.

Ladies & Gents: I need it for XP, since my work rig runs on XP and this won’t ever change. I can’t change this, 'cause I’d loose too many programmes I wrote (yes, I look stupidoid as a SynthV user, but please believe me I’m not stupidoid in no other matter.) Yes, I run SynthV on my laptop - as a fun thinggie for my hobby, but unfortunately it will end like that.
Thanks a lot for the comments - to everyone, it helped although it didn’t look like helping.