Is it possible to install & run SynthV on Win XP? Thanks!



Sorry if my question is stupid :slight_smile:


Less OS support means less bugs and less complaint from consumer… If I were the developer, I would also drop XP. It’s too old, isn’t it? :laughing:


First. No question is stupid.

Secondly, it’s a 32 bit program so I’ll just bet it will.
It’s free to download and try so give it a go.


We were not guarantee because we were not test it under XP,
But we got a tweet about someone run SynthV on Windows 2000.
So you can try it.


Someone in this world is still on 2000!?

Woah, fight the powers that be!
Well in that case Synth V will run like a raped ape om XP. :slight_smile:


Is it really on win2k, not a classic theme on win7?
I tried on win2k, XP, and win2k3 with 32/64bit, but failed on all of them.
I’m very interesting in how that succeeded… :thinking:


So that is a broken dream, sorry for this.


Are you certain the download is good? That looks like a corrupt installer file.


I used the same installer file and it worked well on Win7 and above. Maybe some essential libs are missing on the old OS… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ok, well, onward and upward then!



so he run SynthV on some fork extend Kernel.

after search about extend kernel, i found some information
that is some wrapper and kernel mod, make something run on XP can run on 2K.


Ladies & Gents: I need it for XP, since my work rig runs on XP and this won’t ever change. I can’t change this, 'cause I’d loose too many programmes I wrote (yes, I look stupidoid as a SynthV user, but please believe me I’m not stupidoid in no other matter.) Yes, I run SynthV on my laptop - as a fun thinggie for my hobby, but unfortunately it will end like that.
Thanks a lot for the comments - to everyone, it helped although it didn’t look like helping.