It is possible to add breaths or final H in the editor like VOCALOID?

Hi, I’m new using the editor and I really like his way of editing but I was wondering if it’s possible to put breaths in the editor or H sound like some note manually



You can create your breath effect with this tips, it’s not exactly the same, but it looks like Vocaloid effect :slight_smile:

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Even if automated breaths aren’t a part of the editor itself, I would love for future voicebanks to include breath recordings that can be added freely to the output in a DAW etc.


yes, It would be great if you just put bre on a note

Same, I would absolutely adore if there were auto breaths like in V5, but either way, a folder of breaths with the voicebank would be great because we have none (not counting the breaths included with Renri’s UTAU bank).

I honestly don’t really think end breaths (the final h sound you mentioned) are necessary at all. The voicebanks already have them. They’re used automatically and it sounds natural, unlike the exaggerated end breaths you hear in UTAU that people like to overuse.


I agree with this so much. People tend to overuse them when they’re there. I prefer the Yuzuki Yukari model where there is a natural breath at the end of a note if there’s a gap. Due to how the synthesis is at least partially based on machine learning (hence why some combinations of phonemes sound strange) I doubt it would be very practical to have it any other way regardless.

Would really appreciate some breaths for each character, however. Looking forward to future updates for the DBs :blush: