Kozet's wishlist

Some of the features I’d like in SynthV:

  • The ability to override the engine’s decision on which allophone to choose (e.g. /l/ ⇒ [l] or [ɫ]). I believe this has already been proposed (edit: and once more), but I’m listing it here for the sake of completeness.
  • The ability to dock the track manager, especially since I sometimes switch between tracks often. As a workaround, I’ve resized the main window and the track manager so the track manager takes the right fifth of the screen, but this has some disadvantages such as the track manager always showing on top.
  • The ability to copy lyrics while being aware of the rhythm. This is useful when editing the lyrics of an existing project file with multiple tracks. Yes, you can do it by copying the lyrics from the Ctrl+L dialogue from one track and pasting it into another, as long as both tracks have the same number of notes in the phrase. Otherwise (e.g. copying the lyrics of one note to another track with two notes taking up the same duration), you’ll get annoying desyncs that you have to fix.
  • A phoneme editing mode, where any input other than - or + is treated as phoneme input (unless explicitly specified to be dictionary input).
  • The textbox when editing the note lyrics should be wide enough to see the input. Right now, when I have to edit a project file with extremely short notes (as common in .vsqx files floating around the net), I have to zoom in a lot to see the lyrics.
  • The file import box should show all supported file types by default. Right now, I have to switch to the format I want to import, which usually isn’t .ccs.