Little Ripper Boy - Eleanor Forte Cover

I don’t have too much to add more than what I put in the original Soundcloud description, so I’ll put that here:
"A cover of Little Ripper Boy, to try out the trial of Synthesizer V. It was also partially an experiment to make her sound more mature/boyish, though admittedly the results is kind of dubious. I can’t say I’m really too happy with it, but i did spend some amount of time on it, so I figured I may as well upload it.

Original song by Pianobench/RorunaK, using Alter/Ego and the voicebank Daisy."

I’m also willing to admit the mixing of the voice vs instrumental is not…that great, since I’m a noob at it, but hopefully this was at least a worthwhile practice. :V The tuning too, to be honest.