Lost Registration Code, Recovery Possible? [Solved]

Recently, Gmail deleted a good portion of my emails for no apparent reason. In the deleted emails was the license for the use of Synth V. I had it flagged so this email wouldn’t get deleted, but it still did.

Is there any possible way to get the same exact code sent to me or to retrieve it from another computer’s program? (I have it on 1 PC right now, but I need it for another)

Or do I just send an email via the contact on Synth V’s official website and hope for the best?

Update: Thanks to the kind people over at Anicute! As long as they have your PayPal receipt and the information about the purchase, they’ll send over your past email.

As far as I know, the email on the synthv official page is not the correct place to ask. You have to email customer support over on the AniCute eStore.


The exact same thing happened to me. Thanks for the information on how to get the code resent! This helped a lot!

Thanks. This post has been extremely helpful.