Loudness Parameter Go to Zero Request

Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a function where you could use loudness or another feature to drop the volume of a section completely to zero. I’ve noticed that even on minimum loudness, Synthesizer V will not silence a section. This would be helpful for unvoiced consonants at the ends of words and for making alternate endings/glottal stops. Thank you in advance!

I believe you can set the loudness scales in the parameter editor to be linear instead of logarithmic.

What kozet said. Click on the +12db or -12db at the top/bottom left of the loudness track to change it. Alternately, you can devoice vowels with the voicing parameter, which in some cases may be advantageous since the voicing parameter doesn’t affect the volume of consonants whereas the loudness parameter does.

ah i mean like making a t at the end of, say, “bet” silent using eleanor forte so that it’s only the VC. i tried clicking on the +12db and -12db, but they didn’t work =(


Do you have the newest version of SynthV? This feature was added in one of the more recent updates.

Worst comes to worst, you could do it in a DAW with a volume envelope.