Loudness parameter

I was wondering if one of the developers could answer this for me.

In the manual “Loudness” is described as “vocal effort/dynamics”, so I was wondering if this parameter actually does more than simply change the amplitude of the signal? Perhaps there’s some subtle processing going on with the engine when this parameter is not set to default?


I’ve been trying to figure this out myself. I feel like it changes the tone like DYN does in Vocaloid. If it didn’t, surely it would be described as just “volume.” Loudness is such a specific word in audio. I don’t see it just being used by chance here.

To find out, I guess we could always lower the loudness and export it, increase the gain, and compare it to the original vocal before lowering loudness.

I have actually started to notice a shift in tonal quality towards the extreme ends of the loudness parameter, but it only seems obviously noticeable when used in conjunction with tension. The only issue I see with this is that to get the perceived tonal shift you’re having to add or take away 12db to/from the signal which is quite a lot and is prone to clipping/being inaudible.

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