MAC version (Build 016) – various user feedback

Very excited to play around with Synthesizer V finally for OSX! Sound quality is amazing. Thank you for making it free evaluation during development period. Looking forward to seeing development and improvement.

I have noticed a few quirks with the user interface I would like to report:

  • The delete button doesn’t work for deleting notes (or anything else). You either have to delete from the Edit-menu using your mouse, or use CMD + X to cut the note out, which is not ideal for obvious reasons.
  • Using “Transport to measure”-function – would be great to be able to jump to beats, i.e. “8.3”. Now it only works for full measures. Also, it would be great if last entered measure was remembered when you open the dialogue the next time.
  • Phoneme viewer is empty
  • Zooming and scrolling would be amazing if it worked with gestures on macbook trackpad. Especially horizontal scrolling is quite confusing at the moment, acting very fast and unpredictable somehow. I often find myself scrolling outside my working area.
  • When syncing to DAW/VST, it seems only 44.1kHz sample frequency is supported. 48kHz support is crucial when working with film.

Thanks again!

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In my case, Voicebank is totally blank, although the document says there should be 4 voices and the first one should be automatically selected.

Have you installed the appropriate voicebanks?

No, I hadn’t. I looked around and checked the manual. There was no sign of them on SynthV Web page or no mention of it in the installation manual. However, I missed those on the Download page itself as they were down below section of the page and I didn’t scroll down that low (which was kindly pointed out by “bitman”). Now I got them installed and all are working fine. Thanks for the hint.

My tests show that synth v uses very bad resampling algorithms. If you use a different samplerate than the one with which the voicebank was recorded (probably 44.1 kHz), you ruin high frequencies. Until it is corrected 48 kHz does not make sense.