Mac version phoneme table blank

Using the Mac version of SynthV and when I go to View → Open Phoneme Viewer I get an empty box.

Anyone else seeing this?

Running Build 16 on Mac OS 10.14.3

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Yes, me too, Mojave :thinking:

Me too. Mojave.:neutral_face:

Have you chosen a voice database before going to that view? I’m on Build 017 but I feel this might still be relevant.
Launch SynthV -> View -> Open Phoneme Viewer -> Blank
Launch SynthV -> Add a note -> Click Play -> Select a voice database (Eleanor Forte) -> View -> Open Phoneme Viewer -> Not Blank

Yes I did, but still my phonem viewer is empty. :frowning: I’m with build 018 on Mac OS Catalina

This problem seems to have reappeared after being fixed in an earlier version. Running SV build 18 on a Mac running Catalina 10.15.4. Table is blank as per my first post.

Yep, also on build 018, Mac OS Catalina. The phenome viewer also empty. Can’t fix it.
I’ve chosen a voice for each track and I still can’t see it.

Bump. Can someone on a Windows version post a screenshot of the actual phoneme table so that us Mac users can have something visual to reference at least? This would be something useful to see in full on the documentation. Thanks.

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I may have found a lead on why this happens: the folder, Library/Application Support/Synthesizer V/presets , has the subfolders
dictionary-japanese-romaji and dictionary-english-arpabet (in my case, because i have GENBU, Yamine Renri, and E.Forte installed). the folders have nothing inside. no data. that’s prob why the Dictionary tab also yields nothing, so possibly this is because of a similar problem? edit:spelling

Yep i am new to Synth V and just downloaded it yesterday and trying to learn more about it and am getting the same thing. Hope someone replies with a way to fix it… glad its not just me though!

I’m on Mac, Catalina ver 10.15.4

hey, i got two screenshots of the phonemes! here they are!


second one!


Thank you!

Thank you so much @Vinnie2023! I think lots of Mac users will find this helpful.