Mac version phoneme table blank



Using the Mac version of SynthV and when I go to View -> Open Phoneme Viewer I get an empty box.

Anyone else seeing this?

Running Build 16 on Mac OS 10.14.3

Synthesizer V Editor Update (Build 017)

Yes, me too, Mojave :thinking:


Me too. Mojave.:neutral_face:


Have you chosen a voice database before going to that view? I’m on Build 017 but I feel this might still be relevant.
Launch SynthV -> View -> Open Phoneme Viewer -> Blank
Launch SynthV -> Add a note -> Click Play -> Select a voice database (Eleanor Forte) -> View -> Open Phoneme Viewer -> Not Blank


Yes I did, but still my phonem viewer is empty. :frowning: I’m with build 018 on Mac OS Catalina