Making Kasane Teto a SynthV



Hello. I was wondering if it would be suitable for Kasane Teto to become a SynthV voicebank maybe?
I know she is the image of UTAU and everything but it’s been nearly 4 years that I’m expecting YAMAHA to do something for her but sti nothing
Her voice is perfect in UTAU but you can’t work real-time with her.
Would it be possible? This has been my dream since four years now,and Kasane Teto, Namine Ritsu and Eleanor Forte are the only voicebanks keeping me connected with Singing Synthesozers community.
This was long lol. So what do you all think?


I don’t suppose Teto will have a SynthV voicebank. From what I know, SynthV focuses mostly on the realism of the voices. Teto does not have a realistic voice. Regardless of the tuning, she sounds super duper robotic! But who knows? She might get into SynthV, this was just my opinion anyway.