Male English Voices



Is there any way that male english voices to counter Eleanor Forte can make it into the program?


Personally, I don’t think we’ll see a male English vocal unless Dreamtonics finds an English-speaking business partner. Or maybe they’ll surprise us when the next generation of Synth V comes out. ^^; I am rooting for a male English vocal, though!


I do hope they add more english voicebanks in the future, male and female. It’ll be very disappointing if they don’t, specially considering how good Eleanor turned out to be.


I agree. Eleanor sounds so much better than any Vocaloid. It’d be a shame if this technology was never applied to more English voices. I have no use for Chinese voice banks & very little use for Japanese, so therefore have no interest in purchasing unless said voices became available.


Exactly. I’ve never used a chinese voice bank, and japanese is cool, but we already have enough japanese voices in Vocaloid. I think the focus for Synth V should be english voice banks, one because we barely have any (and the ones we have suck except Eleanor), and two because it’s the most common language in music.