Male English Voices



Is there any way that male english voices to counter Eleanor Forte can make it into the program?


Personally, I don’t think we’ll see a male English vocal unless Dreamtonics finds an English-speaking business partner. Or maybe they’ll surprise us when the next generation of Synth V comes out. ^^; I am rooting for a male English vocal, though!


I do hope they add more english voicebanks in the future, male and female. It’ll be very disappointing if they don’t, specially considering how good Eleanor turned out to be.


I agree. Eleanor sounds so much better than any Vocaloid. It’d be a shame if this technology was never applied to more English voices. I have no use for Chinese voice banks & very little use for Japanese, so therefore have no interest in purchasing unless said voices became available.


Exactly. I’ve never used a chinese voice bank, and japanese is cool, but we already have enough japanese voices in Vocaloid. I think the focus for Synth V should be english voice banks, one because we barely have any (and the ones we have suck except Eleanor), and two because it’s the most common language in music.


While it would be nice to have at least one English male vocal, there is a way to convert Eleanor’s vocal to sound like a male. All you have to do is render a .wav file of a melody track with Eleanor’s voice singing the lyrics you’ve entered and then open that .wav file with Audacity. Next click on Select and then click All to select the entire track. Then click on Effects and Change Pitch. Another window will appear. On the lower part of this window is a slider. Move that slider to the left until the number -24 appears in the Percent Change field. This will lower Eleanor’s voice by a fourth interval (for example, from a G to a D or from an alto to a tenor). If you want a full octave interval lower (from an alto to a baritone), move the slider until the number -36 appears in the Percent Change field. Then click on OK. Also, make sure that the “Use High Quality Stretching” box is checked. Finally, make sure that you saved Eleanor’s vocal in a key that will result in the final voice being in the correct key for your song.

Name(s) for male version(s) of Eleanor's vocals?

In a different request for a “Male Vocal” in another category, someone had suggested using the VST plugin Kerovee because it has a “Female to Male” option, but that plugin only works in Windows-based DAWs. Also, according to one reviewer, that plugin adds distortion that makes the voice sound robotic, which is not what I’m after. A much better free plugin that instantly produces the same results as Audacity is Graillon:

So, as a follow-up to my previous post about using Audacity to convert Eleanor’s voice to a male sounding voice, I did some extensive testing and found out that the best way to obtain a decent sounding male voice from Eleanor’s voice using Audacity is to use the Pitch selection options at the top of the Change Pitch dialog box instead of the Frequency entry fields at the bottom of that same dialog box. I created and tested 6 copies of 3 different “Tension/Breathiness” versions of the song “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” in 4 different keys (C, G, D, and A). In each test, I always selected the first note in the song (C4, G3, D3, and A2) for the “From” pitch and then selected one of five adjacent descending keys as the “To” pitch to convert to. For example, for the C4 “From” pitch, I selected B3, A3, G3, F3., and E3 as the “To” pitch for each of the five copies of this song and kept the first copy intact as my reference. I then did the same thing with all the other versions in the other keys. As a result of my testing, I discovered that the “sweet spot” pitch change range for making Eleanor’s voice sound like a male is 5 to 8 semitones or 3 to 5 major keys. Anything less would not produce a fully male-sounding voice, and anything more would introduce too much distortion. So, the trick is to make sure that the melody for Eleanor’s voice in your song has been first transposed in Synth V to a key that is no more than 5 to 8 semitones above the target key in which you want to have a male-sounding voice, and then to change the pitch downward from there using Audacity’s “Change Pitch” function.

In addition to the above, you need to make sure that the “Gender” setting for Eleanor’s voice is kept at “0” at all times. However, the “Tension” setting can be varied from “0” to “1” and the “Breathiness” setting can also be varied from “0” to “1.” Neither of these should be set to a negative value or distortion will be introduced into the male vocal.

Here’s a link to an MP3 file that contains all 36 male vocal samples that I created with Audacity:

Also, check out the other files that I just uploaded to my Box account folder. These files contain all six of the downward progressions from the original four female samples. The first two progressions are unmistakably female, but after those you can hear the voice change to male. Here’s the link to my Box account folder: