Many Requests from Run djp Run

(I modified my suggestions on 26/02/2019)
Thank you to accept me on your forum :slight_smile:

Just for info, I’m french and my english is very very very very bad, thank you google translate :).
I should have worked my english at school instead of flirting girls and working my music :slight_smile:

I’m musicien, producer and sound engeener in France.
I always worked in band and now, I’m working on my productions in solo, yes after twenty five years in band :slight_smile:
I work with loops, real singers, melodyne and others ways.
But I have discover Vocaloid of Yamaha Corporation and Synthesizer V, and Wouah, incredible !!! It’s a gift for me :slight_smile:

Before, please, say me when the Mac/Audiounit version will be there with the Genbu english version and others english male/female voices. The Eleanor Forte’s voice is INCREDIBLE. Pleaaaaaaase, sell me a dream.
I would try Synthesizer V into my Daw and in my productions.
I don’t want to use Wine and others Apps, I don’t like it, my workstation works fine without it.
Please send me a delay. Yes I’m a french crybaby :D.

I bought Yamaha’s Vocaloid who works fine, but there are many things to review, I would like Ara/Ara2 instead Rewire and many others corrections, but it’s not the subject :).

Well, I have try “Synthesizer V” stand alone free trial version on my personnal Windows PC, and What the fu**, it’s great job man :O.
I have many little corrections ideas, but man, Your work is INCREDIBLE.
I’m a just little french Engineer, be indulgent with my suggestions :slight_smile:

Great job, excellent idea, in France we say “truc de ouf”, we’ll translate by “crazy idea” :).

  • Add dry/wet could be greated or with curve like Global Effect for adjust this.
  • Possible to cumul two glottal effects?

Your job is INCREDIBLE. I humanize the voice with this fonction very very easily. I love it, you are above Yamaha with this function :smiley:

  • Is it possible adding colors views on note for to have a better reading? And/or a wave views
    behind notes? This function will be great for viewing notes attack, release and Dynamic in real time.


  • Is it possible adding a scissor for cut one note into several parts?
  • A wave visualizer behind note midi?


  • Add a “reset” bouton?
  • Add a “presets” bouton?
  • Add a “copy/cut/paste” bouton?


  • Is it possible to have “Free Hand” choice and “Points” choice as in all daws automations and values?


  • Double clic for put back in zero function?
  • Multi Output in daw version? (I wait Mac version to confirm this)
  • Loop function in Stand Alone version? Great for editing note without touching play…
  • Add a icon for “Voice Data Base” and user presets .
  • Ara/Ara2 version in future?
  • I succeeded to do “hmm” (sing with closed mouth) and “ssssss” (snake effect) Yes it’s a stupid idea, but I used this effect in my production :D.
  • Yamaha Vocaloid’s voices compatibility with Synthesizer V in future? And vice versa?
    It’s your choice? Yamaha’s Choice? It’s too hard for programming this? it’s not the same language code? PLEASSSSSSEEEEE :smiley:
    Yes, I’m curious :smiley:
    I’m not a computer person, but how can we help you?

Well, I have finish for the moment.
Sorry for my long requests but I wish to work with your software in futur when it will compatible with Mac/Audiounit, and I wish to work Faster :slight_smile:
I’ll be back (tatatatata tatatatata Terminator’s song) for others questions :slight_smile:
Sorry again for my english :slight_smile:
One more, GREAT JOB MAN, you’re the man for my futur productions :slight_smile:

djp from France.


There is a pitch envelope. Add parameter panel from the main menu.
There are a host of other parameter envelopes in there too.

I suggest you have a look at the manual although I don’t think there is a french version. And no, chasing girls and music are natural pursuits. I speak nothing but bad English for the same reason.

Welcome to my world :rofl:

Hello, thank you for all these suggestions. I absolutely appreciate your effort at writing this much in a language you’re not good at.
Sorry that I got preoccupied with some work at the moment and can’t reply right now. Bookmarked.

(btw, this is probably the most French post I’ve came across in a while :laughing:)

[quote=“khuasw, post:4, topic:517”]
(btw, this is probably the most French post I’ve came across in a while :laughing:)

I try to talk to you and understand you, but it’s very very very hard for me :joy::joy:
Thank you man, see you soon but very very soon :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Courage, you’re the man :fist::fist::fist: