MIDI Tempo track import into an existing SynthV project

SynthV is keeping the tempo track of a MIDI file, when it’s open to create a new project. But…

Unfortunately I can’t import the tempo into an existing project: I created a large project with the default tempo (120bpm) but now I would like to synchronize the vocals with my instrumental track that has tempo variations… :thinking: I realize that I can’t unless I’m starting back the whole job with a new MIDI file :disappointed_relieved:

If there’s a way to do it without reworking the file, please suggest… if not, please consider it as a new feature. Thank you!!

Well, I think I found a turnaround for the problem:
it’s impossible to import the tempo of a new track into an existing project, but it’s possible to import finished tracks into a new project. This feature enables the turnaround:

  • you have to export a midi track from the instrumental track with tempo variations included and open it as a new project in SynthV: that way you will get a project with the correct tempo variations
  • now you may import your existing SynthV vocal file into the new project with “Import as Tracks” File Menu.

You can finally get rid of the dummy MIDI track from the instrumental file, and keep the new project with the tempo variations embedded, and the vocals will now sing at the right (variable) tempo!

I hope it helps :slight_smile: