Mongol800 - 小さな恋のうた【闇音レンリVer.】

FIrst time using Synth V and the workflow of the program is way better than anything else :smiley:


+1 on the workflow. It was evident to me from the git go that the author had a clue. Thanks Mr Hua.

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Is this a cover or an original you made? I’m getting a really strong circle of 5ths classical vibe from it… Feels really nostalgic. Also Renri sounds pretty good, Nice job on the tuning. Although I think some more processing (like eq, multiband compression etc…) could have been done in regards to the overall vocal tone, its a bit muffled and sounds like she still has a lump in her throat.

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It’s a cover song. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try improving the vocals more next time :smiley:

I’d say specifically the lower notes are the troublesome sounding ones. Using multiband compression to keep the low end (150-400hz) of the vocal balanced and static helps a lot with synthesized voices/vocaloids.

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Thanks :smiley: , I’m always unsure on how to mix synthesized voices since they’re quite different from pretty much anything else.