My free trial Synthesizer v is cracking

Please forgive me if I posted this in the wrong section, but I Need help

I downloaded free trial of Synthesizer v to check it out alongside the demo preset and voice Data, however when I try to play the demo preset, the transport bar is moving and stopping at some point making making Synthesizer v to crack like scratched CD plate in dvd player

Please help me

I do believe I have also been experiencing the same issue too.

I think its a small bug tho. Does it happen all the time?

Maybe you’re overloading your CPU or you’re short on RAM. Do you have many other applications running at the same time? Look at the Activity Monitor (mac) or Task Manager (PC) to see if either is maxing out.

Try closing other programs (an internet browser can eat a LOT of RAM). Maybe reboot the computer and try again.

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Okay tried it out. Urm kinda works. I think I just have a laggy com that can’t run too many programs at once.

But yea thanks for the tip.