Name(s) for male version(s) of Eleanor's vocals?

Now that there is a fairly easy way to modify Eleanor’s female vocals to make it sound like several different male vocals (bass, baritone, and tenor versions are possible) by using Audacity’s “Change Pitch” feature or Graillon’s “Pitch Shift” feature (see my posts elsewhere about how to do this), wouldn’t it be prudent to assign one or more male names to the resulting vocals for identification purposes? If so, what name or names should be used? The only male equivalent of Eleanor that I could find is Elan or Elon. Other spellings are Eilon and Eilan.

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The only thing I can think of that isn’t just adding masculine sounding bits to Eleanor is Leonard.

I thought since Eleanor was released August 18th, she’d be a Leo.


The only thing iffy about it is that it doesn’t borrow the same first letter…


Bitman, If we’re gonna consider Steve, then we’ll have to consider George, Harry, Joe, Nick, Bob, etc., etc. I’m sure you’re just kidding, right?

Tyler_ray, what about Eleon? It has the same first letter as Eleanor and also has the “Leo” in it. It’s also different from Elon and Elan, which I think are weird names.

No i’m not kidding.

I would prefer something non pretentious. Function over form.

My second suggestion would be oh, Kevin

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Thanks for the clarification, bitman. So you would consider a male form of Eleanor or something similar to that (such as Elon, Elan, Leo, Leonard, Eleon, etc.) to be pretentious? This idea of mine for us to choose a name for the male version(s) of Eleanor’s vocals is just a suggestion. Considering your preference for a name like Steve or Kevin, it may not be possible for all of us to agree on one particular name or even on several names. So, maybe this isn’t a good idea after all. Or, maybe the developers of Synth V should choose a name or at least let us know their thoughts on the matter. I’m just trying to be proactive because I think it would be better to settle this issue now rather than later for the simple reason that anyone who creates a song with a male version of Eleanor’s vocals will have to decide on a name other than Eleanor Forte to identify the singer in their song. Just sayin’ . . .

I like Elon then.

Okay, so we have one vote for “Elon.” How do we get other users to participate in this discussion? And how do we get the developers to let us know their preferences. I’m relatively new here, so I’m not familiar with such procedures.

Even though the dev refers to the company Dreamtonics as “we”, I have yet to see anyone make the claim they are from the company here so I still think as one would expect just Kanru. To his defense, I have referred to myself as a “we” company when I was the one and only dev and janitor too.

Kanru rightly quietly stalks this forum so he knows what’s going on and will respond if he feels it appropriate.

Thanks for showing us the way to Elon btw.

I like the name Leonard. Eleanor is an old-lady sounding name, so I think the male version should have something equally fancy. Elon reminds me of Elon Musk, which gives me bad vibes.

However, for male versions of vocal synths (such as Kaiko being the female version of the VOCALOID Kaito, or Mikuo being Miku’s male version), it seems those were just popularized by whoever made good songs with them first and the concept got noticed. I think it’s a bit unconventional to form a league of Synth V forum members to decide on a name (but it is a cool gesture).

Lastly, I definitely think that telling Kanru our voted upon name would be a waste of time. He’s a busy person developing software/doing business interactions, and I don’t think Synth V would add a notice anywhere to the website advertising that we wanted to name pitched down Eleanor “Elon” or something. ^^;

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I like Leonard.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Leonard Forte!!! Raaaaahhhhhhh!!!

Leonard is okay, I guess. I kinda like Eleon because it’s unique, but Leonard will do. However, if we really want a classy name, we could go with Leonardo because Leonardo Forte has a really cool sound to it, don’t you think?


Can you share a link to the voices you have created? I’m interested cause I’m doing some choral staff.

They weren’t, they were processed using Audacity.
The link to the thread all about it is here:

I’ve been using “Elliot” since I made this:


Hey bitman, as you know, Agatechio has decided to “buck the system” and use “Elliot” for the male versions of Eleanor’s vocals in his/her songs. And while I was leaning towards using “Eleon” for the male versions of Eleanor’s vocals in my songs, this morning I thought of another name that I like even better than Eleon and also better than Leonard. In fact, it’s actually a variation of Leonard that I think sounds really cool when used with the last name “Forte.” The name I have in mind is “Lenny.” It’s not only easier to say than “Leonard,” but saying “Lenny Forte” rolls off the tongue much easier and smoother than “Leonard Forte.” Let me know what you think of it.


Or Diamond Dave.

I just meant it was crazy how you accidentally predicted the new English male vocal two years ago

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I am late to the party, I know, but I came up with a name for my male equivalent to Eleanor. I looked for male names meaning “light” and found Luciano, or Lucian//Lucien.

I’m calling my guy Luciano Piano. :smiley: