Parameters not saving

When I edit a project and save the file, the Voicing parameter does not save. It used to save properly. Every other parameter properly saves. I’ve tried saving the file under a different name and moving the file location, but it doesn’t work.
I don’t specify “Voicing Parameter” in the title of the post because I suspect it could be a problem with other parameters in the future, or with other people.
I’m unsure what caused this, and none of my friends have encountered it. I also haven’t seen anyone on the forum talking about it.

Can you send me the file?
If you don’t want it to be public, just send a private message.

Here’s the most recent copy.

Update: This is a problem across the whole program now. Only the first thing/few things I do with the voicing parameter save in any file. Please tell me if there’s anything I can do to try to fix this on my end, or if I should just wait for an update. Still haven’t heard of this problem from anyone else using the program.

I have no problem saving the voicing parameter with the file you just shared. I suspect that there’s something wrong with user permission settings which is an operating systems thing.