Piano roll enhancement request

It would be cool if when the user clicked on a piano key on the left hand side of the editor, that the singer would sing the default lyric (such as Elenore’s “La”) in the pitch of the key clicked for pitch navigation.


I saw this request from the post-TP survey but apparently Yamaha has a patent on this so we’re looking for some alternative designs. Open to suggestions now.


MIDI support? Possibly in the same vein as Alter/Ego, potentially. But most people could then use their computer keyboards to play around with pitches, instead of clicking the piano roll,

from “1” to “+” on the top row of keys, it’s 12 notes. the user could hold “~” + left/right to shift the octave up or down. the corresponding row then lights up and the default sample is played, no piano roll needed. also, users should be able to set a custom default note, but thats just my opinion.


Yes +1000, I’d love a real-time midi input feature if possible (like Alter/Ego or Vocaloid 5 has now), I’m loving the software so far and that would seal the deal and would easily make it my favorite vocal synth (it already is tbh, fantastic work on it so far, but bonus points for that). It’d help my workflow a ton as I’d much prefer playing the notes in on a midi keyboard instead of drawing them in with a mouse on the piano roll.

Another (much smaller) thing i’ve thought about when working with it is changing the behavior of overlapping notes on the piano roll. Instead of both overlapping notes muting/cancelling each other out, it’d be handy (for me atleast, when drawing in and moving notes) if they played out as they are displayed and the tail end of the first note that is overlapped is effectively ‘cutoff’ by the 2nd note playing. I’m bad at explaining so maybe these screenshots of SynthV and Vocaloid 5’s overlapping notes will help with understanding.

SynthV (overlapping notes mute each other): Screenshot_1

Vocaloid 5 (overlapping notes play out and the tail end of the first is cutoff): Screenshot_2


One more thing that I think would be nice after playing with it just now would be the ability to delete notes while SynthV is playing, if possible. You can create new notes or copy notes while its playing but can’t cut/delete them or edit their properties (or use undo/redo functions, among other stuff) while it’s playing. Honestly I mostly care about being able to delete them but the other stuff like undo/redo would be handy.

I supports undo/redo already.

Actually I disabled editing during playback on purpose (though forgot to do so for creating notes).
The synthesis engine has a look-ahead buffering range of as long as 30 seconds. It just looks buggy to see different notes from what’s actually being played.


Ah I see, I kinda figured it was done on purpose but noticed you could still create/copy notes which made me second guess haha, that makes sense though, thanks for the reply.


@pantran @NotDamare I’ve been thinking about “adding a midi record button” but in the end decided not to implement it since that feature falls into the category of what a DAW does and Synthesizer V should focus on what a DAW can’t do instead. So currently I’m in favor of playing a soundfont when a note is being created / dragged vertically.


Have you used some other engines such as Sharpkey or Muta? I think their design of the piano roll is nice enough.
Although our singer can not sing it out, at least we can get the piano key tone…

I’m all for Synth V not muting overlapping notes.