Pitch Deviation Value (more variation)

I like how the Pitch Deviation value can be changed as so:

+300 cents
+600 cents
+1200 cents

But, I’d like to see more values set in place (maybe per 100 cents).

+100 cents
+200 cents
+300 cents, etc…

I’d simply like to see more values, instead of only the three that are included.

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Pretty sure that you should try the freehand (overlay) feature, its only available for Pitch deviation parameter ^^ Its amazing, and you can go way beyond the +300 cents with that, since there you are drawing the pitch curve directly on to the screen, the same goes for micro pitch changes (you would need to zoom in on the note)
I Hope this was helpful.

This helps so much, and I’ve wanting to do this for an extremely long time (ever since I first tried Vocaloid 4 and 5), but then saw it be used in CeVIO (at that time, I was wondering why Vocaloid didn’t have it). I had NO IDEA that this could be done in Synth V (and was tempted to ask for this feature a few months back). For me, at least, this help so much and thank you for letting me know about it.

Now, I feel foolish for not knowing that this existed in Synth V. Well, this will definitely be my main way of manipulating the Pitch Deviation parameter.

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