"play cursor/line" bug when I play a song

Hello, I’m experiencing a bug while I play a song.
It happen when I use the menu(Project>Play) and also when I’m using shortcuts.

I tried uninstalling Synthesizer V and deleting the files in the C:Program Files directory then installing it again but the bug is still here.
The software is working just fine but it a bit bothering to see the bar lagging on the screen.

My computer meets the systems requirements so I don’t think it’s the problem…
(I’ll still put it here in case it can help in solving my problem
Processor: Intel Core i7
Memory: 8GB
Operating System: Windows 10 )

I’ve also notice the slower the BPM the more the “play line” is lagging. (On the picture, the song is at 70BPM)

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Maybe open the Enable OpenGL-based GUI rendering will solve this problem? You could have a try.