Playhead stuck... Hitting space or play only makes it play for a millisecond and then pauses itself =(

Okay, so I just installed SynthV, and installed Eleanor Forte to begin with.
I love the sound, but I’m only able to add like 2 or 3 notes before the Playhead stops working.
When I hit Play (via Spacebar or by clicking the ‘Play’ icon), it only plays for a millisecond and then pauses itself.

So this is how it looks when I hit Play (note that the program is pausing itself over and over, so I am hitting “Space” again after every time it pauses itself):

Does anyone know what might be causing this? I have Windows 10. I ran it in Windows 7 compatibility mode and the problem persists.

Thanks for any help!!

What driver access mode are you using (ASIO, MMC, WASAPI) and what kind of sound device onboard, usb or card?

Sound like you have too few buffers allocated to your sound device.

You have two notes overlapping in the same track. It won’t play because there’s no single note to generate a sound from.