Please help, newbie here

Sorry if the question is stupid, and sorry for existing :smile:
I have red the forum, I see some advice (about Phoneme transformation etc) i see some usages of points (".") , slashes and some other stuff which I don´t know about.
Please, can anyone point me to the place where all those tricks are listed and explained?
Thanks anyone in advance.

Taaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaammmmmmm :slight_smile:

That will help you :slight_smile:

Everything is in the online manual.

you can also read it from SynthV menu bar “help"→"online manual”.

Thanks, Run_djp_Run. I downloaded it and I’ll check.
Now to Amano_kei: I have the manual, but I didn’t find a single thing about what I asked. For instance, I see this comment (quote): “Just use a long note with /.hh/ and you can use any vowel (in a short note) you want. For example i used /.aw/ but you can use /.aa/ , /.ah/ or even /.ow/ ( i dont recomend those tho).”
As you can see, there is a point before a vowel - but I have seen a point even after the vowel. I saw slashes - what they all mean? I saw an “x” after a vowel - what that means? I saw lots of things, and I asked for a source of documentation, as complete and clear as it goes. Amano_key, if you can give it to me, I’ll be grateful. If not, please don’t come again with the manuals.
Dan Aldea

The dot in front of the lyric basically send you to the phoneme territory and the markers for phonemes are the slashes

Thanks, Hiroi.
(now I have to friggin’ find out wtf “send you to the phoneme territory” or any other funny english means). I’m no native english speaker.
Any link to some clear definitions of those?

the dot(period) is sign of “I’ll put the phoneme, not lyrics.”.
for exaple, when you input “apple” in phonemes you should insert as “.ae p ax l”.
and it shows up like “/ae p ax l/” in editor.
If you put “.” in the note then automatically “//” shows up and there are some phonemes shows up between “//”
or use “convert to phonemes(Ctrl+P)” then the lyrics automatically converted with " . (//)".
(FYI, this is the manual written about editing phoneme)

BTW, in SynthV, Arpabet is used as phonemes.

some of them is not implemented in SynthV so need to see phoneme viewer(alt+V) .

I hope this would be help for this time, really, I hope so.:wink:


Thanks, Amano_kei. It helped. But I think I’ll give up with Synth V. Alltough it sounds well, I think it’s not for me.
best wishes,
Dan Aldea

does synth v 2.0 not have the viewer anymore?

That’s correct - the current version does not have a window that displays the phonemes and their associated sounds.

Keep this on your desktop