Possibility of a pick-up measure?

Hello, I’m currently in the process of making a chorale arrangement for SATB that involves a pickup measure (one measure before officially numbering subsequent measures and counting time).

I personally would have an easier time arranging the track if the time and notation lined up as it does in my chart (The second quarter note of the passage being the first counted note.)

As it stands, all my accents are currently on ‘three’ instead of four where they should be and although I am slowly completing the arrangement, it would simply look nicer and be easier to correct timing mistakes if the pick-up measure was available.

Is this feature currently available and I’m simply missing it, or would it be possible to implement this in the future? I’m aware this is a new product and project, and it will be some time before this is addressed, and I’m more than happy to wait.

In any case, I am very much enjoying the software and looking forward to many great things from everyone involved in the future!



If you mean something like this, just double click the time signature bar.

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