Post must be 20 characters

That has little use but to annoy.

I tried to say “Good Job!” to a cover post, But I have to more verbose.
Please lift this limitation.

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Yeah, particularly in Chinese. For example, “good job” = “干得漂亮”, but there are only 4 characters.

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Actually, I think it’s intended to be that way. If all there is to say is something like “Good job!” then surely leaving a like does the job? If there’s something in particular to compliment/something to be improved on then a comment can be left.


If you’re the admin, then you’re not supposed to “think” anything, you have to “know” it all or look at the documentation. No forum software anywhere has this limitation, tell us why then Synth V is not worthy of a better user experience like other products. Yes this is scathing. Don’t treat us like noobies, I for one don’t like that.

I’m not an admin…? I really don’t get what you’re talking about, my apologies. If you have an issue with it it’s probably better to contact @khuasw directly with your reasoning.

I am not getting where this conversation is going either. OP was suggesting that the 20-character limit does more harm than good but when somehow the topic drifted to… importance of reading the documentation?
But anyways let’s get back to the topic. The 20 character limit came as the Discourse default for weeding out replies that mean not much beyond hitting the like button. It does look like people don’t really like it.
Let me tentatively raise (I mean, reduce) that to 10 characters.


Don’t impose guards until we as citizens of your community prove ourselves naughty. Let freedom ring! What a concept.

do like me, put many smileys :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I think this topic is related to the community guidelines.
Maybe posting something like only “Good Job!” is no-content replies, in my opinion.(Of course, I feel happy to see these kind of comments tho.)
When you try to send reply, you should post something that is rich in content.
That should be better because it makes the others more happy.
(Like “I really love this part…brah brah” “It sound like brah brah…”, etc)
P.S. I’m not an admin ether.

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Whatever helps you get through the oppression. :+1:

I think it’s good to reduce the limit for music releases as leaving a comment, even if it is short and simple, carries more weight than leaving a like. On the other hand I think that pretty much everywhere else wouldn’t require it so much and likes would be sufficient to express agreement with the post