Problem Downloading

Whenever I try to download synthv-setup, my antivirus blocks it claiming it’s a trojan. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do?

First we need to know what anti-virus software you’re using. Secondly did you download the setup file from the official Synth V source?

I use the Windows Defender Antivirus that was built-in on my computer, and yes.

Windows defender is pretty strict when it comes to “unknown publisher” files that want to change the registry and flags anything fitting that description as a Trojan. You can tell it to allow the file after it detects it, also try running the exe with admin privileges.

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I got “Interrupted:Virus detected”, and nothing downloaded. I also use Windows Defender. It hasn’t been a problem downloading anything else. In the last six months I’ve downloaded Plogue’s Alter Ego singing VST, Plogue’s sforzando, Balabolka (text to speech), LMMS (a DAW), Audacity (audio editor), various VST plugins, various utilities (defrag etc.), and Libre Office. Also UTAU and two modular synths, which didn’t work, but they downloaded without error messages, Synthesizer V should fix the issue. If they don’t know how, they could start with:

“Microsoft shares ways for software vendors to minimize false positives”

I’m running windows 10 with Windows Defender and no other AV.
I have had no such viral messages. - just to complicate things for Kanru. :slight_smile:

Windows 10 1709