Problem with the phone number needed to buy a license (solved!)

Hi! Apologies if this is the wrong forum for the question seeing as it’s not a problem within the program. (I did not screenshot anything, but can try recreating the problem if those are needed).

I tried buying a license through AniCute earlier this morning and was almost able to go through it, using the English-translated site. However, they needed a phone number before I could make my purchase - and they would not accept my number, claiming “this is not a Taiwanese number” even though I already had entered my country as “Other”. For the record, I live in Sweden, and made sure to add the country code (+46 gave an error that only numbers are accepted, and 0046 still gave an error that it wasn’t a proper number).

How does one get around the phone issue when they don’t live in any of the countries AniCute already specified?

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Interesting, I managed to get my (US) phone number in back when SynthV licences were just starting to be sold, though I entered it without the country code.

Entering it without the country code DID solve the problem. Hadn’t thought of it before, heh…

Thanks for the help!