Pronunciation Problem Megathread / 発音問題のまとめ / 发音问题汇总贴



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When Genbu says /e z u/ the /z/ is very faint so it sounds like /e dh u/

On a sidenote, I typed ‘zutto’ in a single note and it gave me the /cl/ phoneme which seems to work as a /d/ when paired with a vowel, but in other instances produces /n/ or /i/ sounds.



Glottal stops (ex. Yatta/やった) turn into んー. They say “yannta” or “chonnto”. even if you don’t implement glottal stops, this isn’t correct pronunciation. (only tested this w/ Genbu btw)


Same problem with Renri.


Genbu and Renri’s recording didn’t really feature the /cl/ phoneme so it seems not possible unless you try to approximate that effect with /sil/ and some tuning (may be glottal effect?). Sorry for that.


Thank you for providing such a good singing synthesis engine!
Here is a problem of pronunciation problem when I use Aiko database. I found that “見” sound different when it is separated or not separated from the previous word. Here is the example audios.
Audio-The words seperated
見 has right pronunciation in this file. But if I concatenated “聽見” together, it sounds like this
Audio-The words concatenated
In this case, “聽見” will sound like “聽現” if the words are not separated.


genbu’s “g” sound sounds like “ng”
and when he says /t/ sounds it sounds like /d/ with a glottal stop before it


Some Japanese speakers pronounce g as ng.