Pronunciation Problem Megathread / 発音問題のまとめ / 发音问题汇总贴



Such a feature would be very useful for us conlangers (or more precisely, people who make singing synths sing in conlangs; is there a term for that?). Please do consider implementing it.


I just wanna throw out there that I also would love that option! It could be super helpful when trying to fine tune pronunciations.

Kind of jumping topics, but I just noticed some things.

  • When you enter the word “we’re”, you get /w iy r ey/ instead of /w iy r/

  • Changing the starting of one word is creating an issue at the starting of the previous word. Here’s a video showing what I mean


If such a re-record were to happen, as long as the diphones are still correct and its just that the duplicates of any given diphone shuffle around, as opposed to everything getting shuffled around, I don’t think it’ll be a problem. eg, if after a major re-record, inputting [p ey] still plays back some variant of [p ey], as opposed to the restructure causing [p ey] to play back something unrelated like [t uw], If its the former, its not a big issue.

Inclusion of some button to restore phonemes/duplicates to the default ones the engine would have picked on its own would solve that problem for people who don’t like to edit every phoneme, and people who do would likely go in expecting having to edit most of them anyways so whether or not they get shuffled around is moot. (And a Revert to Default Phonemes option would save time for the latter group as well)


Got a pronunciation issue with Eleanor here!

Tried to get her to say stories with “+” with two notes spread.

She ended up saying something around “strees” as a one syllable rather than a two syllable " store-ris"


I tried “memories” and “worries” and pronounces them perfectly. Seems a dictionary missing word.


I find that “sto-rees” sounds closer for “stories” by using /.s t ao/ /.r iy z/


Yea I agree
Kinda like the “wine” issue
Having to turn to typing phonemes to get the right pronunciation


/w aa iy n/ and /w aa ih n/ both sorta work.
I’d use the first on a shorter note, and the later if it’s a longer note.
Also, using /w ay hh n/ fixes the problem with the ay, if u can deal with the hh sound in it.


Hello 我發現一個問題,在使用Eleanor Forte 時像是 Student ,start,Scar 等等 s開頭後面接的不送氣子音 本來應該會因為「音便」發成送氣子音(不是濁音,很多華人學校教育亂教),但是Eleanor Forte 不會,想請問有這種送氣子音可以手動輸入嗎?或者其他的解決方法。

問題的範例:我作過的測試演片中,Eleanor唱 “Scarborough” 時有發生此情況



English Eleanore tip.

Anne works nicely in place of and, as Eleanore still likes to say “and” very deliberately and it gives away her digital lineage. “Sticks anne stones” will sound more like you expect for western lazy speak.



You are refering to elision, a linguistic phenomenon where some vowels and/or consonants are omissed in a spoken word. Depending on context and speed, “and” could be prononunced as "/ae n/ or even /n/ (like in “rock & roll” said quickly).

That’s not a pronunciation problem, as your post title sugest it’s a tip. Would be great to have a tip subforum in resources forum or something similar.

By the way, there is no phonetic difference between typing “anne” or “an”: /ae n/ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Except it’s a lot easier to type, remember and all.
And I don’t have control over the forum.


Not sure if this one’s been noted or not, but Eleanor defaults to [hh w ow ey] instead of [w ow] when given “woah” image


Not sure if this ussue must be placed here:

/ aw n / sounds raspy in the first middle and slightly out of tune (pitch down) in the second middle.

/ * v / (like in “love”) is out of tune aswell (pitch up)

Very noticeable in long notes (1 bar or more)


For pitch issues, you can reduce the “Jitter” property of the note. It forces it to have a flatter pitch before applying the new pitch curve.


Thank you, this really solves the pitch problem I had with Eleanor, where she would go off-key near the end of certain notes. If I had known this before, I would have saved a lot of trouble lol.


赤羽的 j[tɕ] q[tɕʰ] x[ɕ] 有时是 [tʃ] [tʃʰ] [ʃ]。例如官方演示曲《 翡夜Racing Game》中很明显的有 jie jin qing xian xiao xin。


/g iy/ (like in “boogie”) sounds like /b iy/

Also, “boogie” is transcribed phonetically as /b uw jh iy/ wich is wrong.


长音”yun“发音很奇怪,大概是中间的 韵母 /yE/ 的问题
以前后鼻音结尾的长音会延长最后的n 或 ng,而非正常习惯下延长韵母,有时候删去最后的音素/N/并不能得到良好的效果