Question about uploading works

Hello! I have recently downloaded the free trial version of Synth V. I would just like to ask if it is allowed to upload content/songs (without monetization) created with using only the trial version of the program? Thank you very much.

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Oh wow. I actually posted the same topic similar to your case.

In my opinion for now, I’m guessing the trial version is only meant for you to use for your own private use. I’m not sure about the part where we are allowed to post songs created from the trail SynthV whether there demonetization or not.

If my post gets a reply then maybe I’ll get back to you.

Okay so I got a great answer from this User called Hiroi.

They stated that as long the song you upload isn’t going to get any advertising or monetisation as you state, it will be allowed even for the trial version.

I hope this explains it!