Reaper envy :-(

Synth V can only be the transport master for Reaper due to Reaper’s VST Extensions. Fair enough. But Mr. Hua, have you looked at the ARA vst extensions supported by, (from google) Apple Logic Pro X, Presonus Studio One, Bandlab Cakewalk/Sonar, Magix Samplitude Pro, Acoustica Mixcraft and Tracktion Waveform?

I completely don’t understand the current approach. Who needs two, each time manually connected programs and saving both files separately? Why Synth V Editor just can’t be a true VST plugin where everything is saved inside my DAW main project file? As BFD does, for example.

Maybe I can help. SynthV was initially developed as a super fine stand alone exe for which i was grateful. In light of emvoice, which is A: not a windows app and B. Curiously and strangely has the engine out on a server somewhere, is a vst proper. I encouraged Kanru to implement SynthV as a vst knowing that would do two things, cause nearly a rewrite, i said or, like a rewire config which would keep SynthV from becoming two sets of code to maintain. The poor guy has windows, linux and mac code to maintain so yeah. Rewire, or his own ip port setup would allow the exe to be as it is but also be able to sync along with a daw, and we got that. Albeit with a curious manual port handshake thing. In short, this is imo, much better then the way we had. I had to export from synthv, then import into the daw and if its not right go back and forth. Now we can edit along side. Will it someday be a native vst? Possibly, Only Kanru knows for sure. Thanks again Kanru for the daw link. You’re awesome.

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VST is an embrassingly feature-limited protocol for singing synth but it’s not like we have any better option at the moment. After all it wasn’t designed to handle two-way seeking behavior and random content access just like how UTAU wasn’t designed for V-C transitions.
The support for plugins varies from DAW to DAW. Some will not allow pop-up dialogs and some other have problem managing window orders; some will mute the audio when the window goes out of focus and some will keep the audio always on. Cubase implements the base VST2/3 protocol; Studio One has an extension allowing plugins to see track names (but it’s not useful in our case); FL Studio grants the plugin read-only access to midi notes; REAPER has all of these plus a ton of other extensions…
ARA seems only available upon commercial request and we’re still waiting for the best timing for that.
I do however agree that there should be an automatic handshaking mechanism (and that sounds doable) so users won’t have to manually enter the port code unless they want to route multiple editors to multiple receivers.


Nobody would wanna multiple editors and receivers would they?
What, are we animals? :grinning:

Now I get it. Anyway, thanks for this workaround, it’s still more convenient than playing with wav files :grinning:
BTW - 2 most popular DAWs - Ableton Live and FL Studio are still lacking support for ARA, , so it doesn’t seem like a good solution.