Relocating download server - Looking for Feedback

Up to this point we are hosting all downloads (editor and databases) on Amazon S3 (for western and Asia-Pacific users) and Alibaba Cloud (for mainland Chinese users). Now terabytes of data transfer has incurred a bit of service charge and fortunately, Animen agreed to host their own databases instead.
Before updating the download links, we want some help on benchmarking the connectivity. You may choose any of the files below and report the download speed.
Thank you in advance!




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Here in Colorful Colorado (Ok, white is a color), 1.0 MB / Sec

Here in Brazil, São Paulo the speed varies between: 98.3 KB/s ~ 295 Kb/s

I get between 1-2MP/S (UK)

Hi Kanru :slight_smile:

I have 750/830 Ko/s for Mac Osx. France :slight_smile:

Same as bitman… 1 MB/ Sec for the linux downloads.


Windows Genbu as high as 2.5 MBPs
Mac Renri high of 2.9 MBPs
Linux Eleanor high of 2.8 MBPs

Speeds pretty consistent, however there were occasional drops to 200+kbps. I’d probably suggest a load test, but it’s looking good.

My internet isn’t the best, with Renri I was getting about 200KB/s? Seems quite slow compared to the usual 2~4MB/s I get.

I’m in a south province of China, and the ISP is China Telecom.
My Firefox displays that the speed is only about 100 KB/s.
A little slow.

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