ROMAJI phonemes chart: a list of usable sounds to build words with Japanese Voice Database

Perhaps one can read and transcribe what is visible in the Phoneme Viewer, (but being mine blank I can’t figure it out yet) anyway a chart of all the sounds and syntax usable into a note with the Japanese voice DB should be a great help: GENBU for instance has a great voice and he can sing other languages or dummy sillabe with a large musical application. I did it with trial and errors but I would like to get a comprehensive guide to ROMAJI SynthV phonemes… any help?

(same was for ARPANET, but a user already did it! Thank you :wink: )

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Should be nice to have it in the manual, for alternative reference, e.g.:

the problem with the MACOS blank phoneme viewer is still in place, but I had the chance of opening it in Windows, and save the list. I upload it here in case anybody has the same problem/curiosity I had.


Thank you!!