Save before closing Feature

Possibly replace the “Discard unsaved changes” to “Save before closing?”
I can’t tell you how many times already I’ve mindlessly pressed quit >w<


Actually if you didn’t know, there’s an automated saving feature!

You just need to head to the settings and you’ll find it there.

Hope this helps!

Yeah, I think that feature should be activated by default. From what I’ve seen not many guys know about it.

I think the op means: if user wants to exit, the warning dialog should give a button with the “Save and exit” feature.

A common Windows warning dialog is like this:

In other OS, there are also usually 3 buttons with these functions:

  • Save and Exit.
  • Discard and Exit.
  • Cancel exit and back to the editor

I guess that’s a good idea too since most programs use that feature.

Feature request added to plan for Build 016.