Shift-Tab keyboard shortcut

As the title says, maybe the Shift-Tab keyboard shortcut could be introduced so that it takes you back one note while editing the lyrics?

When editing lyrics, Tab takes you to the following note while keeping you in edit mode, but Shift-Tab… I don’t really know what it does. (Also Tab doesn’t show up in the Key Bindings window, that or I just can’t find it.)


The lack of a shortcut like shift+tab to go back to the previous note is quite disruptive on the workflow. When a need to go back to a note, mainly because I made a typo, I have to lift my hand from the keyboard, grab the mouse, and then double-click on the desired note. Also, it’s quite difficult do double-click on short notes in general, and being able to shift+tab (besides the current tab shortcut) into a note would be quite useful in this situation as well.

The shortcut for this in SynthV Studio is ctrl+tab.

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Oh… that’s an unusual combination. And the lack of documentation doesn’t help much in this case.