So what is the name for these virtual singers?

For Vocaloid we refer to the banks as Vocaloids and Utau are called utauloids.
Synth Vloids doesn’t quite roll off the tongue very well
The Anicute site refers to them as VOLOR singers, do we call them that?
How do you even pronounce VOLOR voh-lor or color with a v in place of c?


I propose ‘SynthVaes’ and ‘SynthVois’. :hamster:

UTAUs are mainly called UTAUs, not UTAUloids. So I think Synth V characters are called SynthVs.


Synthloids has a nice ring to it.


Hows about Hualoids?

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I like Synthloids
Maybe Lorloids or Voloids?

Oooh or:

Himaroids - Male Singers
Heraroids - Female Singers

From my understanding “oid” means like or resembling, and vocaloid broken down is “vocal-oid”, perhaps meaning voice-like. I think Synthloid/Synthoid would be an interesting term because while something that is voice-like could be thought of as inferior to the human voice, something that is synth-like has perhaps surpassed a synthesizer, and has maybe become more than just and instrument? Maybe? I don’t really know.

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Himaroids sounds like Hemorrhoids

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Or maybe simply synths like in Humans TV series :wink: