Solved - Eleanore Forte free serial code?

I registered SynthV today and now Eleanore Forte wants a code too. So I scurried out to the AniCute site to find out how much that was gonna be and to my delight it said it was free. Super! So I filled out the form and clicked “Get your free license” but did not get any Forte code in the email specified. So I did it again thinking well, maybe I did something wrong. Haven’t seen a code for that try either. Has anyone done this yet and how long did it take for you to get a code?

** Solved **

Using an email address did not work, even twice, but a different email address worked immediately and I have the Forte code.

So yeah.

Oh yea. There was a topic specifically for this situation where some emails were not accessible for recieving the code.

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I was looking for this post earlier but my search was fruitful.

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Just wanted to drop my two cents in and say that when I was trying to register, none of my yahoo accounts worked. For some reason the serial code service does not work with Yahoo email addresses.

If it’s not possible to fix that issue, a message saying not to use Yahoo (or Hotmail) addresses would be ideal.