(Solved) Elenore forte pronunciation bug?

I have a song done in the tech preview version where I got Elenore to sing lead (as in lead poisoning) by typing led, as lead makes her sing “leed”, or as to lead you somewhere.

That same lyric, “led” in the new production beta is being pronounced oof as in the swedish oof-ta

I went to an empty space and created a new note and type “led” and she sang “oof” again.

I can’t get that woman to say led no matter what now!! :slight_smile:

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Have you tried entering .l eh d?

Edit: I tried it out. Turns out led is converted to .l d so it gives weird results. .l eh d works for me.

That works here too. Thank you.
What does the dot mean? Here comes phonemes?

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Yep. It indicates that you’re putting in phonemic input.