Something New ft. Eleanor Forte [Synth-V Original]

Lets pretend I didn’t upload an inferior version of this this-morning with terrible lyrics.

This is a punk rock/pop punk/rock song. It’s been a while since I’ve written a guitar based song, so this was fun!


If anyone listened to the version I uploaded earlier… the lyrics were just awful and I couldn’t live with myself. Standard generic love song nonsense.

The re-write is a much more sensible story of Eleanor turning into a werewolf or something. Nice.

Love this! Great instrumentation and the lyrics flow really well. I could never picture Eleanor as a werewolf, so maybe a werebunny? :joy: Either way, amazing work as usual.

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You are too kind my friend! Also, werebunny. I totally wanna steal that and hire someone to draw me a werebunny if I do a rocky EP :rofl:

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Do it! Would love to hear something like that.

If anyone’s interested, here’s a lyric video too. If you like it and wanna share it about, that’d be cool. If not and you wanna give it a watch, it’d be appreciated:

MECHZERO: Something New Ft Eleanor Forte [Synth-V Rock / Punk Original Synthesizer V]
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oh wow 2 songs with the same name and singer lmao

great work!!

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Haha thank you. I actually forgot all about the other song with the same name. But sure, they’re very different and it’s not exactly a difficult title to come up with.

i like the track, for the vocal, i suggest you might boost it up little bit :stuck_out_tongue:

@KoolKool993 Yeah, I’ve got some automation on the vocals during the chorus on a newer, slightly different version I’m keeping for a future digital distributed release. SoundCloud is really my demo dump for ideas I might want to work with and I really intended this to be just that. I really didn’t expect SoundCloud to add it to a featured playlist and it to get over 2000 plays. That was a bit of a surprise.