Spell [ Eleanor Forte ]

Testing Eleanor Forte Ver. 2 and the new editor.
The VST plugin and pitch drawing overlay allowed to vocal draft, tune, and mix all at the same time,
less time chopping vocal audio and cleaning stuff now :grin:

Sounds good Rat.

I’m looking forward to editing and mixing at the same time with the VST.

Thx bitman, still far profesional work, need to practice some more.
Your country song also really good, really good guitar, but with all respect, could use some more vocal clarity.
Eleanor really lack body in her voice, making it a bit hard to mix.

I find it kinda hard to make a digi singer sit in the mix also.
The more I crank the 4k to enhance ineligibility the more digital she sounds.

I don’t expect to be using this for much more than more accurate demos for real singers than I can provide myself.

I have blind confidence that Mr. Hua will make them sound better and better. We have believable pianos but the singers, not so much yet - but I’m still grateful for SynthV.