[Synth V Original] Miracle at Night

here is another high energy eurobeat track i made
will update sometime for better mixing :wink:

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not really related, but
my new vocalist has returned from holiday now we worked together for the real human vocal version! if you interest, pls check this out

i have a deep thought, for comparison, Synth V vocal is not really far away from human vocal, that show how “both scary and brillant” technology advancing

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The instrumental is pretty good and the human vocals actually really fits the instrumental. The only one criticism that I absolutely have to give out is that the overall tempo of the track feels too slow for the track to be called Eurobeat. From what I remember, Eurobeat generally has a minimum bpm of 160 and I can come up with very few exceptions, but even then they still have a faster tempo than this.

That being said, all we need to do for this instrumental is just get the whole thing to 160bpm and I think we have it, no additional changes necessary.

thank you for feedback! ^^
my purpose is re creating 80s, early 90s eurobeat feel with little bit modern touch
(back to old era, the eurobeat actually slow like italo disco, the high speed tempo type what you commonly see today is a result of genre evolution through time…and space xD)

i will consider editing for 160 BPM, should be both fun and weird at same time! :slight_smile: