Synth V Pro Discount - Out of Stock

I tried to buy the pro upgrade to Synth V and Aiko (I own both the old versions) from Anicute but the store says out of stock. Does that mean I’ve missed out on the discounts and subsequently the discount prices for Genbu and Saki? Despite the promotion running until the 15th…

I want mine too!

Does that rhyme like I think?

It’s not Kanru’s responsibility. Animen are a completely separate company.

The 1st generation Synthesizer V Editor and AiKO are no longer available for purchase, as they were intended to be as of the 12th. Synthesizer V Studio Pro, AiKO Pro, GENBU and Saki will be available for purchase starting on the 15th (11AM EST) and the special upgrade scheme will run from then until August 15th. Until then things may appear on the website as “Out of Stock”. Hope this helps.

It is actually. Kanru should, by all rights, hold the IP so anyone he farms out to he is responsible if they do not perform to the point where it may hurt sales.

Ohh so it’s my mistake - it starts on the 15th of July not ends on the 15th of July - the first email I got from Volor mentioned the 12th of July so I was confuse.d. That was just the day you needed to buy the original editor and voicebanks by. I already did before that so I’m okay. The second email Volor sent me also clarified this.


This makes absolutely no sense and I have no idea why you’re making such a big deal out of a distributor listing items as “out of stock” when they’ve clearly indicated in emails multiple times that they would be on sale at a specific date and time and implying that them not selling before the defined release date hurts sales but whatever. If you don’t like it don’t buy it.

Anyway, everything is in stock now and there’s even a sale on for general customers.