Synthesizer V Editor Update (Build 016) + macOS Release

Build 016

The long-awaited macOS port is finally ready! Checkout Dorelly’s post on VNN for more information.

Go to the download page.


On macOS, databases, settings, presets, translation files and color schemes are stored under /Library/Application Support/Synthesizer V/. The demo project is installed to /Users/shared/.


Aha, I see it is @Run_djp_Run’s time. Thank you for the update Kanru!

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Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Kanru accepted me as a beta tester, I am very happy about it, I had the honor of testing it and annoying it with my requests, Kanru is really patient, because I am very, very very very, very boring :smile:
The unfortunate must have suffered because of me, my English is really lame :smile:
We can annoy him for other voices now, I’d like to sing :smile:
Thanks @khuasw :blush:


Congratulations Kanru!

Thank you for the update too.

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Awesome! Especially enter on the selected note for text input feature. I’m loving this software.

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In Demo Projects, I click “Play” then the “Voice Database Settings” dialog comes up. There is no singer in Current voice. It says “(no choices)”. So, I can’t play the track at all.

I presume you have downloaded and installed at least one of the voice databases? They are listed below the download buttons in the “Pick your singers” section of the web page.

Oh, I see. I didn’t go down on the page and didn’t see those voice choices to download separately! Thanks. :sweat_smile: I used the Linux version before and it had worked. I must have downloaded the voice bank at that time, but had forgotten about it completely. I have been checking the installation manual and there is no mention of it.