Synthesizer V Physical

Hello! I recently found a link to the physical release of Synthesizer V on Taobao and before I go and buy it I had a few questions.

Is Taobao the official storefront for the program?

Will It come with the Anicute/International Licence?

When Genbu gets finalized are there plans for a physical release?

Thank you very much!



Hello Neono,

This is Animen.

There is the physical release of Synthesizer V Editor on Taobao through our partner [平行四界Quadimension]. The following link will lead you to it.

There is only one kind of license for Synthesizer V Editor no mater you bought digital or physical version of the Editor.
However, if you want to use official version of AiKO, you should buy the License for AiKO which includes the following:

  1. Synthesizer V Editor (evaluation version) main program installation package
  2. AiKO voice database main program installation package
  3. AiKO voice database registration code
  4. Main program Installation Guide

It will be the same product no mater you purchase from ANICUTE(International) shop or 平行四界Quadimension’s Taobao shop.

Genbu physical release is currently under consideration.

I hope my clarification has been helpful.
Thank you.

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